Do You Have A Great Relationship With Your Accountant? It Would Make Your Life Easier

Posted Under: Accounting and Taxation Posted On 31/03/2017


John sighed with relief as he left his accountant’s office.

He remembered back to a year ago, when he had a different accountant. He never quite ‘clicked’ with that accountant. For some reason, he always felt inadequate because his records weren’t good enough, because his accountant always commented about it. John asked questions, but could never understand the answer because it was in ‘accountant speak’. And on top of this, his accountant was never able to take calls.

John hadn’t thought of switching accountants, but he overheard a conversation between 2 business associates discussing the accountant they both used.

“I rang Scott Saturday morning to ask him what entity I should purchase the new car in, and he talked me through the pros and cons of buying personally and through the business. He also went through whether I should get a loan or lease.”

“Yeah, Scott’s great. He’s the first accountant that I feel comfortable talking with. I feel like he’s always contactable because he’s given me his mobile number, and he explains things so simply I finally understand what is happening in my business finances and taxation.”

John wanted an accountant like that, so he found out from them how to contact Scott and made an appointment.

The initial free interview with Scott was refreshing. He asked questions; listened to John talk about himself, his business and his finances; explained things simply; and reassured him. By the time John left the meeting, he felt lighter. Actually, he felt relieved. John knew what he had to do. And it was quite easy. Scott just sent his old accountant an ‘ethical letter’ and all his records were sent to Scott.

A great accountant makes your life better. Easier. He/she is some-one you can bounce ideas with before you make a decision. They know you and they know your business and care for both.

If you’ve got a great accountant, hang onto them. If you don’t, ask your business associates what their accountant is like – and then meet with them for an initial chat. You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Kim Allan

A Counting House

P.S. This is a true story.

P.P.S. I can introduce you to Scott (wink)