Business Loans – Money When You Need It…….

Posted Under: Blog Posted On 27/07/2016


It’s hard to find the right business Loans when you really need it. There’s the time it takes to go to various lenders (taking you away from your customers and employees), the time it takes to complete the lengthy paperwork and hear back from the lenders, and then the offers of really expensive loans at the end of it.

A Counting House can now make it easier for you. We now offer business loans through our sister company The Loan House. With many different lenders who specialise in business loans, we can take the time and frustration out of finding funds for your business. We have a fast and secure matching process that matches you against our wide range of business lenders on your business’ characteristics and your business loan needs.

These include funds for –

  • Working capital
  • Equipment finance
  • Fit out or refurbishment
  • Purchasing inventory
  • Debtor Finance
  • Starting a business
  • Acquiring a business

Call Mollie at the A Counting House office on 07 5526 1855 to discuss your scenario or contact us.