What Would Happen Then?

Posted Under: Blog Posted On 27/01/2017


He tried not to think about it.

It helped that Mick was constantly busy with work, and the family. But in quiet moments, his mind started to wander.

His mate Jeff died suddenly last month. He was fit, like Mick, as they rode their bikes together most mornings. Jeff also volunteered as a lifesaver.

So, it was a shock when Jeff had a heart attack. Jeff was married to Amy and they had 3 young children. Amy stayed home to care for the kids. They had a home with a mortgage. But what they did not have was insurance to protect their family’s future in the event of his death. Amy is now currently selling the family home, and needs to go back to work full time as soon as possible.

This got Mick thinking about his own mortality, and what would happen to his family if something were to happen to him.

This is what brought Mick to meet with us at A Counting House. We listened to Mick and his wife Jenny talk about what they wanted to have happen in the event of accident. They told us how much they income they would need to replace if Mick injured himself at work or whilst riding. They told us how much money they would need to pay off the home loan and their other debts if either Mick or Jenny died. And we put in place a protection plan that suited their needs.

Now Mick and Jenny sleep well at night knowing that if something unforeseen were to happen, their family would be financially comfortable.

If you’d like a chat about what a protection plan would look like for your family, please call Albert at our office on 0755261855.

** Of course, names have been changed for this story. **