Car And Motor Vehicle Finance | Pick And Choose Right

Posted Under: Business Finance Posted On 17/10/2017


Most of you know that we now own The Loan House.  But did you know that The Loan House does more than just home loans?  

Our clients have already been accessing some great loans for –

  • private cars
  • commercial vehicles, and
  • plant and equipment purchases for your business

For car and motor, vehicle finance we are here to see you get a competitive rate on all your finance needs. Just like our home loan service, we can shop around with numerous lenders to find exactly the right loan for you taking into account your individual circumstances.

And with your financing in place, you’ll have more choices and the opportunity to negotiate a better deal on whatever car or equipment you want to buy. A great opportunity to save you money.

Mollie, in conjunction with yourself and Paul or Scott will also take into consideration the best structure and method to purchase the vehicles and equipment that is tax effective, thereby saving you even more money!

Find out more about how we can make it work for your car and motor, vehicle finance. Call or email Mollie today at A Counting House / The Loan House 55261855 or

Scott & Kim Allan