Given Your Occupation, Are You Claiming Everything You Can In Your Personal Tax Return?

Posted Under: Accounting and Taxation Posted On 12/11/2015


If you are an employee you are able to claim a deduction for some costs related to your job. We want you to claim what you can. Watch this video directly from the Australian Tax Office for a simple no fuss explanation to what records you need to keep to claim a deduction. It really is simple, you just have to do it!

To brush up on what you can claim, check out your occupation on this website for information on work-related expenses. Occupations include teachers, construction workers, mining site employees, truck drivers, shop assistants and 33 other occupations. If you have any particular questions about deductions, give Scott, Paul, Wendy or Maria a call or email them.

Mums and dads, forward this onto your adult children as a reminder of what they can claim.