What Chapter Of Life Are You In? Is It The Chapter For Growing Your Wealth?

Posted Under: Blog Posted On 13/02/2016


I remember in my twenties wanting to have everything (houses, fancy cars, a great wardrobe, travel), and be everything (wife, mother, career person, business owner, author etc.). I soon realised that doing everything at the one time was unachievable because of lack of time, energy, experience and money.

It was then I came across the saying, “Live your life in chapters”, and it is with this philosophy that I have lived my life since then.

Reflecting back on my life, there was the chapter of learning in my teens and during my university years. Then there was chapter of romance and marriage, and a blossoming and fulfilling career up in our twenties. Our thirties was about growing our business and growing our family. And now in our forties, it is about growing our wealth and maintaining our health.

My wise Indian friend said to me many years ago that the forties and fifties age group is when we build our wealth. They are our greatest income earning years. It is also the time when we have the most motivation to build wealth, especially as we move towards the next chapter of our life when the kids are off our hands, and we can start ‘winding back’.

So what are our personal plans to build our wealth?

  • Firstly, maximise our earnings. We are creating and building multiple income streams through our businesses and investments.
  • Secondly, being purposeful with how we spend our earnings. We are still spending money, but on the areas that are important – those things which enhance the experiences for us and our family. No frittering away money on magazine subscriptions, pay TV and gym memberships we don’t use, or those extra coffees each day (that come with extra calories!).
  • Next, protecting the wealth we have, and making sure that if life throws us any curve-balls, that we can still achieve our financial dreams.
  • And finally, we actually have a plan to build wealth – and as my husband keeps reminding me, we need to stick to the plan. Of course, we will review it regularly as life changes……

I have found living life my in chapters has been rewarding and enriching. Being able to focus on what is important at each stage, and then savouring the moments of success and joy are truly what I think life is about. And I feel confident that I can and will have and do it all.

So if like us, this is the chapter of your life that you want to focus on building your wealth, and you would like some assistance in creating your plan and sticking with it, call Albert at our A Counting House office on 0755261855.

Kim Allan

A Counting House